Application Services

  • Coordinate, prepare, and submit funding applications to TCAC, CDLAC, HCD or other state and local agencies
  • Coordinate, prepare, and submit placed in-service applications to TCAC to obtain TCAC regulatory agreement and tax form 8609s

Financial Advisory Services

  • Prepare and maintain the development proforma throughout the entire development life cycle
  • Prepare and coordinate debt & equity solicitations. Provide client with analysis needed to select investor and lender
  • Coordinate and manage loan closing process for acquisition loans, construction loans or permanent loan conversions

Co-Development Services

  • Serve as the projects non-profit partner on a transaction, so that the project can qualify for a real estate tax exemption
  • Extend Kingdom’s development experience to partners so that the project can meet to TCAC’s minimum experience requirements
  • Provide clients with project management team necessary to prepare funding applications, receive design approvals and construct the project

For more information, contact William Leach at +1 (951) 538-6244 or