The hearts behind Kingdom Development...

Board of Directors

William Leach is an Affordable Housing Developer with 12 years’ experience. William has a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University in Workforce Education and is finalizing his MBA at USC this year. William also served in the United States Army for 10 years.

Kingdom’s board of directors is a pragmatic group of public servants, dedicated to using their talents to love their neighbors. Comprised of pastors, law enforcement officers, military veterans, and business administrators, the board exemplifies delivering hope, protecting the community, defending the weak, and converting plans into action.

Keven Petty has been an Assemblies of God Pastor for 18 years. Keven has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies and a Master’s Degree in Church Leadership from Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA. Keven currently serves his community as a Pastor in Rialto, CA.

Ryan Roland, has been a California Highway Patrolman for 3 years. Ryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Cal State Long Beach and has served his community as a lifeguard and Sports Medicine Trainer for youth programs. Ryan also provides passion and perspective, having aged out of foster care from the County of San Diego.

Jim Leach is a retired County Administrator, serving the Riverside County Department of Social Service for over 20 years. Jim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible from Central Bible College and a Master’s in Public Administration from Cal State San Bernardino. Jim also served as a US Marine for 5 years and currently serves as a Pastor in Jasper, Oregon.

Jerry Martin has been a Law Enforcement Officer for over 7 years. Jerry acts as an Officer Safety Trainer and Drug Recognition Expert. Jerry also serves his community as a tennis, softball, Jujitsu, and soccer coach to the youth in his community.

Advisory Committee

Caleb Roope, President of The Pacific Companies, an experienced developer of affordable housing, market rate housing, and charter schools

Josh Hamilton, Vice President of Lending for Century Housing, a Community Development Financial Institution, having financed over 25,000 affordable units

Thomas Hodgin, President of TAH Consulting, a General Contractor having built over 1,000 affordable housing units in the past 10 years

Peter Barker, President of Barker Management Inc., a property management company, currently managing approximately 10,000 affordable housing units