Why do for-profits, non-profits, and government agencies partner with Kingdom Development?

Kingdom Development isn’t just “an organization to secure the tax exemption;” it’s an active partner that knows how to avoid problems, expedite processes, and add value. Kingdom does so with a servant’s heart, knowing when it’s valuable to interject and when it’s efficient not to. Kingdom has proven itself a true servant to the affordable housing industry, the families it houses, and the children it brings hope to. It does so by being:

  1. Insightful
  2. Effective
  3. Mission Focused
  4. Rightly Motivated
  5. Enjoyable

Kingdom Development’s President, William Leach, is a recognized expert in the 4% and 9% tax credit programs, with the foresight and technical understanding that helps partners structure deals, avoid pitfalls, and deliver on promises.

Kingdom Development’s attention to detail and strategic thinking helps its partners maximize value and reduce waste. With its established track record of shaving months off of processes and generating additional proceeds for its partners, Kingdom helps the industry make a bigger impact with limited resources.

Borrowing a principal from the US Military, “Mission First, People Always,” Kingdom Development’s board of practical administrators understands how to stay focused on the task at hand while keeping the public’s interest at heart.

Kingdom Development is committed to investing its talents and reinvesting its profits into care for our disadvantaged youths and housing for individuals and families in need. Personal gain is nowhere on our radar.

Kingdom Development’s service minded staff are pleasant, precise, and collaborative. They work closely with stake holders with humility and honesty. Their ability to coordinate and communicate is second to none and their positive attitude is refreshing to have around.