Kingdom Development, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2015 by William Leach to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youths through the strengthening of families and the development of housing.

Kingdom Development carries out its exempt purpose, to improve the welfare of people by developing affordable housing, in three capacities: directly as an owner/developer, cooperatively as a consultant to developers, and indirectly as an adviser to the industry.


To make a life-changing difference for low-income families, we develop affordable housing for all populations (family, senior, special needs, transition age youth, orphans, etc.) in partnership with nonprofit and for-profit organizations. As of 7/1/2016, we have 436 units in the planning stage and 164 units in the financing stage. Kingdom Development is able to serve partnerships as the Managing General Partner and as Developer or Co-Developer, depending on the experience level of the development team.


Over the past 12 years William Leach has assisted property owners in developing 29 affordable housing communities, performing feasibility analysis, land assemblages, entitlements, soft debt negotiations, subsidy applications, finance closings, construction oversight, lease up, and compliance reporting. As a consultant we have helped owners construct/preserve 2,789 units of quality housing for families, seniors, and persons with special needs through the use of favorable financing from local agencies, CDLAC, CTCAC, CalHFA, HCD, and HUD.


To make the biggest difference possible, we do our best to advise elected officials and policy makers who have the ability to increase the resources available, do more with the resources available, and simplify the process for providing affordable housing. We gladly serve on policy committees and provide detailed analysis to backup the insights we share. While advocacy is our least profitable endeavor, it has the potential to be our most impactful. Kingdom Development believes in sharing information to make the entire industry more effective.


We'd like to give a special thanks to Palm Communities and 1410 Partners, each for their role in helping us get started.
Palm Communities patiently gave us the opportunity to learn the affordable housing business and 1410 Partners graciously provided us the runway needed to start working with quality developers and owners.

Thank you Dan! Thank you John! Kingdom Development's achievements will eternally be to your credit. 

Will founded Kingdom Development in January of 2015. Prior to that, he served as Managing Director at 1410 Partners, LLC providing consulting services to developers and housing authorities. Prior to this, Will served Palm Communities, an affordable housing developer, for 10-years in roles ranging from Vice President of Acquisitions to Vice President of Finance.


Over the past decade, Will has been appointed to various public policy advisory committees and regularly speaks at industry conferences. He proudly served his country for 10-years in the Army National Guard and serves his local community as coach, counselor, and Sunday school teacher.


Will has a bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education from Southern Illinois University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

Besides serving as the corporation's Whistle-Blower Protection Officer, Rusty serves as Vice President and Assistant Project Manager. Prior to joining Kingdom Development in April of 2015, Rusty served as a Pastor’s Assistant and Worship Leader at churches in Oregon and Florida. Prior to this, he worked at Palm Communities for two years as an Assistant Project Manager.


Rusty has experience at running financial models, obtaining entitlements and buildings permits, as well as preparing applications for TCAC and CDLAC. Rusty is an expert in the 9% tax credit award process and can rip just about any data out of the TCAC application workbooks.


Rusty has a bachelors in Music Education from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. He has a heart for families and serves his community as a worship leader, Sunday school teacher, tennis coach, and youth mentor. #EndFamilylessness



To ensure we effect positive change in people's lives and don't just develop real estate, Kingdom Development partners with the following organizations who minister to people on a personal level.